Zarchiver | Everything you need to work with compressed files

When you officially struggle with a load of files and finding a better way to compress and decompress files, now you have a better choice. That is, zarchiver. This is a wonderful application that you can directly download to your smartphone, laptop, or another system. 

Now you can freely install zarchiver and it allows users to directly download the zarchiver apk file from the web. As the best solution now you can easily recover files stored on your phone, and PC and here you can encrypt files to protect data that is stored in files. For this plenty of procedures now there are several archiver apps available. Among those apps, here you can use zarchiver as it is the most responsible application for you. 

Zarchiver – The best archiver for file management 

It is not easy to find a single app that performs multiple tasks related to your device data. If you are looking for an all-rounder such as best archiver, functions such as compress and decompress files, best file protector, and best file recover, for sure you can use zarchiver. 

Zarchiver performed well for all related tasks stored in one place. It is a well-protected area and using it users have the freedom to recover all those password-protected files. Finally, users have the freedom to install it for your android device, iOS devices, and PC devices. So no anymore concerns about device file management. Among thousands of apps, this application is the best file managing application, that users have the freedom to manage and archive files easily. 

What is a zarchiver? 

For archive files, there we can easily find several applications for extraction on the web. Basically, all those available apps do not come with a comprehensive solution. 

For the users who are looking for the best way to manage files using a file archive manager for your android device, iPhone, iPad, or PC now you can freely download zarchiver apk file. 

Zarchiver allows users to extract files, archive them, and create several file types for your usage. Zarchiver easily manages file compressing, decompressing those files, removing all compress formats and this is the all in one archiver tool that supports users to compress zip files for multiple file formats. 

Among other archiver tools, Zarchiver can be introduced as the most powerful tool. It supports both decompression and file extraction. Like magic, it is compatible with a load of file systems for further file extraction and it is very well recommended for designing those compressed archives. 

Some of the most popular archiver apps required money to purchase. But Zarchiver is completely free and users do not need to spend money on the management of zip files on your Windows PCs, Mac pcs, android devices, and iOS devices. 

Zarchiver adds additional functions as well. It supports the best password protector, after archiving your related files it supports users to compress file using the PC or laptop, support with decompressing and extracting file using the password for android device and the best ability to quickly files. 

Features of the Zarchiver

Zarchiver is designed with a collection of features. Because of all those facilities, it provides users the best performances for file management. So let’s see some of the main features included in the Zarchiver application. 

  • The best file archiver
  • Useful applications support multicourse processors.
  • Compatible with multi-threading.
  • Does not include complexity for file selection
  • To select files users can directly tap on icons that shows the file name
  • Does not require multi-select mode.
  • It compatible with UTF-8, UTF-16
  • Freedom to use the national symbol to highlight data.
  • Ability to download and then install any type of android applications to your device
  • Can easily ensure safety as well as the protection 
  • User privacy
  • Ability to set passwords for all available encryption methods includes. Ex: AES-256
  • options for copy, delete, share, and cut.
  • Includes compression options such as fast, fastest, ultra and medium
  • Multiple options come with encryption 
  • The best way to manage files and gives the best assistant for users
  • Ability to compress, and decompress files. 
  • Users can easily handle files 
  • File mover- automatically can move files from one to another folder.
  • Fully secured data no need to concern data misplacing included in files. 
  • All the information, including data, completely remains safe as well as secure.
  • Ability to archive user files into several parts as well as different formats.

Zarchiver support types 

Now let’s see those Zarchiver support types. 

Archives and supported compression types that are included in Zarchiver

  • Zip, gzip, 7z, xz, and tar.
  • Zip, gzip, 7z, xz, and tar.


  • zip, 7z (7zip), , rare, rar5, bzip2, grip, xz, rar, tar, iso, lha, cab,lzma, jar, lzh, tbz, tgz, rpm, Z, deb, zipx, mtz, chm, dmg, cpio,img (NTFS, fat, but), ECM, cramfs, wim, and arc (freearc).

Can easily edit, and remove several file types:

  • zip, 7zip, tar, apk, mtz.
  1. Users have the freedom to decompress and compress those password imposed files.
  2. If you are looking to decompress with a partial archive now it is possible with Zarchiver Pro.
  3. Ability to open all compressed files.
  4. Using the mail application, users have the freedom to open all those archive files with the use of the Zarchiver app.
  5. Users are free to extract all the split archive such as zip, rar (7z.001, zip.001, part1.rar, and z01) and 7z, 
  6. Using the archiver it is possible to compress and decompress archives that have passwords 
  7. Ability to compress multi-part archives, support creating them and finally decompressed, extracted to 7z, and rar (this is for decompressing only).

Best advantages of Zarchiver

Now, most of the archiver apps limit their freedom. But rather than those apps, we can find more flexible features and advantages from this Zarchiver. Here users,

  • Can read different file formats 
  • Extract several file formats for an example 7z, zip, and other related file systems
  • Ability to create archives of, tar, gzip, and zx file formats. 
  • Password protected 
  • Encrypted archives
  • Built-in facility for the system of file management 
  • Ability to edit archived files
  • Ability to extract types of multi-part archives.
  • Compatible with RAR and 7z 
  • Partially decompresses according to user desire 
  • files open using the mail app
  • Supports multi-core CPUs. 
  • Ability to donate for the support of the app 
  • No advertisements
  • Easy to use 
  • Includes attractive as well as a fantastic interface.

Zarchiver – Cons of the application

Totally, this is a wonderful application. It is hard to find the cons here. According to some views, on Zarchiver there we can find somewhat clumsy of the application. However it is, it does not have other disadvantages. Up to now, users do not report any faults.

Download and install Zarchiver on your android device

Android users can download Zarchiver from the Google play store. By the way, Android users have the freedom to directly download the Zarchiver apk file from the web. Here it is freely available and selects a reliable website to download the Zarchiver apk file. Here you can directly download the application by following the below steps. 

Step 01. Download the Zarchiver apk file directly from the internet. 

Step 02. Then go to device settings and enable Unknown sources. 

For that follow device settings > tap on Security settings > enable unknown sources. This process is essential. If you missed this step you cannot continue the installation any more. 

Step 03. Now close all the open windows. Go to the device download folder and tap on the downloaded Zarchiver apk file.

Step 04. Tap to begin the installation. Here you have to agree with terms and conditions to continue the process. 

Finally, it will successfully complete the installation after a few seconds. 

Download and install Zarchiver on your PC/MAC

Although Zarchiver is easy to download for android devices, users cannot easily download Zarchiver for PC. Here you have to use an android emulator and follow instructions that easily guided you to install Zarchiverfor your pc. Here you can use the bluestack emulator as the best one for installation purposes.

Step 01. As the beginning here you have to download and install Bluestack emulator for your pc.

Step 02. When the download process completed, you have to install Zarchiver with a bluestack emulator.

Step 03. Search Zarchiver app

Step 04. Now you have to open the Google Play store

Step 05. Here you have to use Google account to log in to the Google Play store.

Step 06. Now, again, you have to search the Zarchiver app in Google play store.

Step 07. Tap on the app to begin the installation. 

By the way, here users have the freedom to download the Zarchiver APK file, after that is is possible to install it through Bluestack.

Zarchiver Availability – Is it ok with other systems

Zarchiver is very well supportive of android operating systems. If you are looking for the compatibility for other operating systems, it supports Windows, macOS, iOS devices as well. If Zarchiver does not support for your handset or pc you can try Zarchiver alternatives. For example,

  • Amaze file manager
  • B1 free archive 
  • Solid Explorer 

What do you mean by a paid on Zarchiver?

Zarchiver is freely available for all the compatible users. Here it is not required a payment You need for anything to download Zarchiver users have the freedom to freely download and install Zarchiver and then freely use it.

Zarchiver includes many more features. So use them to get advanced facilities and a collection of benefits. Here the best thing is users can easily earn via Zarchiver file compression. This is for users, those who work marketplace as a profession. By following this way, users have the freedom to earn through the application. 

Frequently asked questions on Zarchiver

Q1. What is this Zarchiver app?

Answer: Zarchiver is a popular android application. It allows users to compress files and extract those files belongs to several formats. 

The best thing is here users can easily extract and compress those password-protected files. Then users have the full authority to remove any files from archives.  

Q2. Latest compatibility of the Zarchiver?

Answer: it is already support for Android devices. By the way, you can use it for iOS, Windows, and macOS devices. 

Q3. How to download Zarchiver for pc devices? 

Answer: Here you have to use an android emulator. So before begins the installation you have to download and install a supported emulator. 

Q4. Does Zarchiver cost a payment? 

Answer: Zarchiver is completely free. It does not require a payment for download and installation. The process is completely free. 

Q5. How to use Zarchiver?

Answer: Users have the freedom to use Zarchiver according to their file manager. Users can easily do editings, share files, compress files, and decompress files that come in any format. First, you have t open the app. Now you can see all those options included there. 

Different options allow users with different purposes. 

Conclusion- Zarchiver application 

For file management, Zarchiver is an indispensable application/ rather than other apps Zarchiver includes plenty of options and it gives users plenty of opportunities. The application is user-friendly and simple. Here it allows doing editing, shares files, compressing and decompressing files, recovery files and it includes many more options. 

Because of file compression, decompression, file formatting, as well as archiving, it is known as a multipurpose app. Zarchiver includes more functional facilities and it is a speedy application that you can freely download for your android, iOS, windows pc, and Mac operating system supported devices.