ZArchiver for PC Download for Windows and Mac [2021 Update]

Users those who are struggling with file decompress and compress, zarchiver is the best application that can easily download for pc and smart handset devices. For PC users now you can directly download the latest zarchiver version from the internet and the process is completely free. 

zarchiver for pc

If you are a professional worker that deals with a collection of files or if you are looking to compress a large number of files to compress or decompress, now you can use a zarchiver that is installed in your PC. Download the zarchiver for PC is not only for the above-mentioned procedures. Here you can use it to recover user files that are stored in your PC or handset, ability to encrypt data, protect data files, and many more. Now you can easily find several apps for these amazing purposes. Among those apps, zarchiver is the most recommended application, and let’s see how it works with your PC. 

Zarchiver Download

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What is zarchiver? 

We can easily find multiple applications for file extracting on the web. Most of those applications are freely available and if you are interested in using those apps, you have to download the most flexible application. Zarchiver is a kind of interesting application and it offers users a comprehensive solution. This is the best way to an extremely archive file manager and a great extractor, now you can use this with your smart android device, iPhone, iPad, or PC.

Zarchiver comes with the facilities for extracting, archiving, as well as creating several file types. Not only for android platforms now you can easily download and install zarchiver for your PC. 

Zarchiver for PC

Zarchiver app is a highlighted application that can use for decompression files and file extraction. Magically, zarchiver supports for file system for the purpose of extraction and it is recommended for creating multiple compressed archives. Zarchiver is, completely free application

, zip file management app, support android or windows PC, password-protected files

extracting, decompressing, ability to recover quickly, allows partially decompress all the files and available Zarchiver pro

Features of zarchiver 

  • Zarchiver includes several main features. Some of them are, 
  • Multicourse processors 
  • Compatible with multi-threading
  • No complexity 
  • Easy to select files. Just tap on the file icon 
  • No multi-select mode.
  • Supports UTF-8 , UTF-16
  • Ability to use national symbol while naming your data
  • Easily download and installed for handset devices and PCs
  • Ensure safety
  • Protect your privacy
  • Ability to set a password
  • Include encryption methods 
  • Options such as copy, delete, cut, and share
  • Multiple compression options( fast, fastest, medium, and ultra)
  • Options for encryption 
  • Best file manager 
  • Best assistant for users
  • Compress, and decompress files and there are many more features. 

Install Zarchiver on PC 

Now you can easily follow the instructions below to easily download and install zarchiver for your PC. For android devices you can directly download the zarchiver apk file. But for PC devices, the process has several changes. So let’s see how to continue the process to complete the installation.

As the beginning here you have to install an android emulator. Here use the Nox player emulator and then continue the below steps.

Step 01. Download and install the Nox player emulator to your pc.

Step 02. Download and install zarchiver.  You have to start it with Nox player. 

Step 03. Then you have to open the Google Play store. Then search for zarchiver

Step 04. Tap on zarchiver and tap to install. 

Here you can directly download the zarchiver apk file and install it using Nox player. Here open the downloaded Nox player, then you can see the downloaded Zarchiver. Tap on it to continue the process.

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