How to use Zarchiver APP Correctly ?

Zarchiver is a wonderful application that adds amazing features to your smartphone. For your smart android device now it is possible as you can easily download the zarchiver apk version directly from the internet. The ZArchiver is designed by ZDevs. Zarchiver comes with the best feature for “zip files”. This concept comes for pc devices for many years. As we know using a pc it is possible to compress files as well as de-compress them without any messing. 

zarchiver apk

Now it is possible to directly download zarchiver apk file from the web and the process is completely free. It takes several seconds to complete the process and finally users have the freedom to use zarchiver with their smart android devices. 

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What are those zip files?

Simply, zip files are compressed files. Here users have the freedom to save several files in compressed to one file. Finally, this facility is now available for your mobile devices and zarchiver is the supported application for android, and iOS users. However, now users have the freedom to compress files in several types as well as 7zip type of files and another supported compressed file format.

Here users have to use a supported application to convert several file types and compress folders. So the ZArchiver app is the best way and here you can use it with your smart mobile devices. This new option is a new release solution and it allows you to make zip files on multiple files.  

How to use zarchiver

Using Zarchiver how to make several 7zip Files and Extract those 7z files?

For your Android device, the ZArchiver apk file is the supported download format and users can easily download the application to your smartphone directly from the internet. So here you have to use the apk file format and now users have the freedom to download the application from Google Play store as well.     

Here it supports users to archive selected files into several formats such as Zip file, 7zip file, and another related TAR file. Here it is possible to select compression levels. It includes options such as the fastest level, fast level, normal level, maximum level, and ultra level. 

There is another function that comes with this ZArchiver application. That is the encryption facility. There are two types of encryption methods. Those are “Data” and the other type is “Data and filenames”. 

Here the facility comes with the default password protection facility. This is affected by the complete safety of the zip files. This protection is valid for all the available archives and cut is compatible and copy those zip files. 

Sharing is another facility that comes with the ZArchiver. So now you can easily share zip files with others using this new share option. It allows sharing files through social media and mails as well. 

How to open the zip file in android

Here users have to follow the below steps to open zip files.

Step 01. In the beginning, here users have to open the folder that you are going to extract.

Step 02. Then you have to select the compressed folder. There you can easily see related options. Those are,

  • Extract here – Files and folders are extract ti the available folder.
  • Extract to – A new folder is created according to the name of your zip file.
  • Extract – Here you can select a folder to extract your files.

Zarchiver apk download

Compress and Extract Zip Files with Zarchiver

As the beginning users have to download and install Zarchiver. To compress files, then you can follow below easy steps. 

Step 01: Users have to open the downloaded ZArchiver application. 

Step 02: After you open it, tap on the plus icon. It is available in Green color on the right corner of the bottom in the Zarchiver screen. 

Now users have to create a supported archive using this Zarchiver

Step 03: Type a name and select a compression level to begin the archive. Here you have to settle the password and then fix the file protection.

Step 04: After that, you have to tap on the “OK” button. 

Step 05: Select the folder/file. Here you have to tap on it.  

Now the compressing file begins using the Zarchiver

Step 06: After that, tap on the “Right icon”. Then wait for seconds. 

Now the compressing process completed. 

Extract Compressed Files 

Step 01: Here you have to tap on the compressed file and hold it on to extract it. 

Step 02: Then select the file as “Open as archive”.  

Step 03: Click on the three-dotted menus and select the Multi-Select option. It allows us to extract the files.

Step 04: Click on “Right”. Again tap on the button. 

Step 05: Select the supported location to extract files. Select the “Download icon”. It is available in green color.

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